You are not your emotions or thoughts.

Becoming more aware when your mind gets side tracked by a “story” is the first step in living life in the PRESENT moment!

We waste so much energy paying attention to thoughts. Mind detox finds the unhelpful conclusions your mind has made in the past and we quickly replace the negative effects with loving knowings that then have a domino effect on all the memories since then. We find the first memory that caused the physical, emotional or life problem. Then we find the emotion associated with the memory and WHY it was a problem. For example ” I feel scared, because I thought I had been left behind by my parents and they didn’t want me anymore.”

Examples of the most powerful knowings are “My parents were just keeping me safe,” ” I am innocent,” “It wasn’t personal”, “I am loved,” and ” I am secure.” The skill is finding the antidote for the reason it was a problem. I have been trained by multi best seller Sandy Newbigging and his team of awesome tutors so I can navigate this method and neutralise problems quickly.
The beauty of this method is that we don’t need to talk for hours and relive your unpleasant experiences to be free of their effects. I recommend 4 sessions depending on the depth of the issues.

Sandy has a great Mind Detox Club which can be a great companion to Mind Detox sessions.