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Sessions can be via Skype, Zoom or in-person.

Dr JoBattyeOne session of Calmology which may include Mind Detox and trauma release  : $90

Dr JoBattye4 x sessions of Calmology which includes Mind Detox and trauma release : Package : $300 ($60 saving)

Dr JoBattye6 x Calmology sessions which includes Mind Detox and trauma release: package : $440 ($100 saving)

Dr JoBattye6 x Mind and Body Calm Group Sessions Package : $90 if run with group over 5 people

Dr JoBattye6 x Mind and Body Calm Group Sessions Package : $140 for 2 people if run with group over 5 people ( Save $40 )

Dr JoBattyeCombined Cure Calm, Mind Detox, Body Calm and Mind Calm individual sessions $90

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After payment is received Dr Jo will make contact to arrange appointments.

Concessions available. Please email regarding Disability Allowance applications.


  • Allow 40 to 80 minutes per session. If you are fatigued within 30 minutes this is classed as a half session.
  • 4 weekly sessions is recommended so you can work on issues as they come up. This method works like a domino effect and can have effects on every aspect of your mind, body, relationships and world!
  • Concessions available.
  • Payment is expected before the session and refund can only be given within the first 15 minutes if dissatisfied. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, only half of the fee will be refunded.
  • Please try to keep to the appointment time as your time may be cut short if other appointments are likely to be affected.
  • Please fill in the Information Form below and read the Disclosure Statement and Disclaimer/Privacy Policy.
  • Feel free to contact Dr Jo if you have any questions.

Please fill in this form to help Dr Jo prepare for your session.

Client Information Form

Disclosure Statement

  • Dr Jo Battye will endeavour to protect your confidentiality and personal data. Your medical history and current medication list will be kept on file and you can choose if you’re happy for this to be conveyed by email or on a written form. Notes for Mind Detox are limited to age, memory, why it was a problem and the antidote learnings.These notes will be available to you and will be kept safe in paper or digital form for 7 years. I will inform you within 72 hours of any data security breach.
  • Dr Jo Battye may seek consultation with other professionals as needed. Dr Jo Battye may legally speak to another health care provider or member of your family about you without prior consent, but Dr Jo Battye will not do so unless the situation is an emergency. An emergency situation may be concerns that you are a danger to yourself or others.
  • If working with children under the age of 16, Dr Jo may work with the parent present or just with the child depending on the child’s Gilick competence.
  • Dr Jo Battye will keep the necessary police vetting checks and first aid/ ACLS certificates up to date.

Disclaimer and privacy policy

  • I understand that using any advice or technique shared by Dr Jo Battye is completely voluntary, under my own free will and at my own risk.
  • I also understand that no assurance guaranteeing my safety is being made and I agree to Dr Jo Battye and Mind and Body Wellness completely harmless of all liability if I sustain any injury (except if for any injury which is caused by Dr Jo Battye’s negligence or fraud of any party listed above). By agreeing to this waiver, I agree to assume full responsibility for any injury or injuries, physical, emotional and mental, that I may sustain when using Mind Detox techniques and meditation techniques recommended by Jo Battye which is not caused by Dr Jo Battye’s negligence or fraud.
  • I also understand that Dr Jo Battye shall not be liable to me, whether in contract, tort (including negligence, or fraudulent misinterpretation), breach of statutory duty or any loss of profit or consequential loss sustained by me or any third party arising under, or in connection with, me practicing the Mind Detox techniques and recommended meditations.
  • This privacy policy sets out the basis on which Dr Jo Battye will process any personal data collected from you and in the course of using Your privacy is extremely important to Dr Jo Battye. Any information collected may be used for future newsletters via secure Mailchimp which you can unsubscribe to at the bottom of the email. By using our website, the contact form and Client Information Form, you agree to our privacy policy.

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