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something is a problem
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Mind and Body Wellness

CURE the reasons for struggle and gain PEACE with mind

What is your hearts highest hope?


Let go of needing to know and the clarity will come….

mind and body connection

I can help YOU prioritise freedom, calm, love, peace, connection, courage, clarity, joy and peace.

Holistically heal your root stresses so you can flourish without years of therapy.

The mind/body connection has become increasingly evident to myself as a practitioner alongside other anecdotal evidence. Just think how when you’re nervous you can get butterflies in your tummy or your heart can race. When we are embarrassed our face can blush.

What is Mind Detox?

Mind detox is a powerful and simple 5 step technique which helps you make peace with your past. It involves getting permission from your subconscious to find the first event that created the problem. We find the age and the event, then we find the reason it was a problem for you. This doesn’t involve the big story and you do not need to drown in the emotions as we quickly move on to find an antidote and neutralise the reasons.

I can help you remember your true self and that there is nothing to fix or change so you can melt into self love and regain playfulness and curiosity.

Mind Detox

It has been shown how meditation can calm the brainwaves on MRI scans.

I can personally testify that simple meditation techniques, mind detox and mindful movement have helped resolve chronic struggles in my life. Science is increasingly recognising the value of Mindful practices.

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Reconnect with the still, silent, space within all of us that is infinite and constant.
I can help you be comfortable in your skin and feel anchored during the ups and downs of life events. Meditation can be as easy as counting your thoughts. Once you are aware they are just thoughts they lose their power as they become separate from self.

When you find your anchor you can rest in the calm deep ocean and watch the waves on the surface so you can respond to situations, rather than react.

With this peace you can gain context awareness so you get less stuck on the content.

An introduction to Mind Detox video

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Dr Jo Battye of Mind Detox

Dr Jo Battye


  • 30 years conventional medical experience.
  • Fellow Royal College General Practitioners 2004. GP in Christchurch 20 years. Special interests in mental health, women’s health and chronic pain.
  • 8 years meditation experience with The Brightpath Ishaya’s Ascension.
  • 30 years experience yoga – 20 years Iyengar Yoga.
  • Mind Detox Practitioner September 2020. Trained by best selling author Sandy C. Newbigging.
  • Mind Calm Master Coach training October 2020.Mind Calm, Body Calm and Cure Calm. 
  • Board trustee The Bridge Hub South Brighton and Wellness Centre Steering Commitee member.

Simple, quick and powerful.

Make peace with your past so you can come to healthier conclusions about your world, life and body.

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Mind Calm and Body Calm.

Make peace with your mind and body so you can thrive not just survive.

Rest is best and harmony heals is the basis for Cure Calm another therapeutic method like Mind Detox.


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